The Bucket List

De-Clutter “Everyone has a bucket list!!!” one of my friends emphatically told me not too long ago.   Up until about that time, I didn’t.  That isn’t to say I didn’t have a list of things I want to do in my life…I did…they just weren’t written down.  I began to think about making such a  list when it dawned on me why having one is important.  Nothing is crossed off!!!  You don’t get a visual of all the things you have done that make your life so amazing.  Something to remind yourself that it isn’t all wake up and work and go to sleep.  My life was beginning to feel routine; something I have lamented about with many friends.  This would be the perfect way to spark some spontaneity back in my life!  So I approached my friend and told her I would make a list.  She suggested I include anything on my list that I have done with a “bucket list intention” even if were prior to now.  I also plan to add to it as ideas come to me.  For each new experience, I’ll blog about it.

Visit all the MLB ballparks (I only have 7 so far!)


Spectate Kona Ironman

Spend a summer just traveling

De-clutter my house

Go “real” rock-climbing

Visit the Newseum

Finish a triathlon

Run a marathon

Learn to drive stick

Take a vacation alone

Run with a group

See P!nk in concert

Learn to play guitar

Run a race in honor of someone

Own a tailored suit

See a game at Dean Smith stadium

Publish a book

Travel to Germany

Get a picture with all the cousins on my moms side

See Fleetwood Mac in concert

Get back to London

Buy a house

Swim with the dolphins

See The Killers in concert

Pay tribute to my heritage in some way

Stay overnight in a Presidential suite

Teach a fitness class

Swim a 5k race

Run a race in memory of someone

Take a nutrition course

Spectate a Softball Super Regional game

Start making homemade iced tea like my Pop-Pop used to make

Help the homeless (more than just feeding them)

Host a fancy dinner cooked by a chef

Raise over $1,000 for a good cause

Pay off my debt

Take a “sick” day and have a spa day

Find a job I love

Visit California

Volunteer in some way with those fighting addiction

Have a garden

Become a mom 

  1. Come to DC and I’ll go with you to the Newseum! I’d also teach you to drive a stick if you lived closer.

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