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Summer Vacation & A Birthday

I’m officially on Summer vacation for one month 🙂

I am working a one week soccer program but it still feels like vacation.  I get to sleep past 5am, work out in the morning, spend afternoons at the pool, go out any day of the week and stay up past 10pm.  I love it!

I had a most excellent 4th of July weekend. Spent some time at the pool and went tubing over the weekend. So much fun!!

Today begins my birthday celebrations.  I’m officially 33. I like celebrating birthdays because it is the one day you get to celebrate yourself. I’ve accomplished a lot in 33 years and have a lot to celebrate. Especially this year when I feel like things are finally coming together!

I am working on a “letter to myself” post that I was hoping to have done today but it’s not looking that way! You’ll have to stay tuned for that one!

I’m off to run 3.3 miles…I think that’s a good number for today!

Do you enjoy celebrating birthdays?

❤ Jillian