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Product Review- Flip Belt

There was a time when I thought I would never find anything I could wear comfortably around my waist while I run.  This makes running more difficult than you might think, as I have to find a place for my keys, hold my phone and most annoying, plan every route around where I will be able to find water.  I used to wear a spi-belt, which I loved; it held everything perfectly and hardly moved. But, it wasn’t ideal because it didn’t solve the water problem. (And, eventually my phone outgrew it.) When I trained for the marathon, I actually did my 20 mile run on a 5 mile loop, so that I could stop at my car for water/fuel. Ridiculous, right?!?

When I started running again, I made it my mission to find a hydration belt I could live with.  I went through five.  I even went back and tried ones I had tried before.  I. Hated. Every. One.  I absolutely cannot run with something bouncing around on my waist and not one of them would stay put.  I would read amazing reviews just to find out they did not work for me.  It was frustrating to say the least and I spent the summer running the same routes with the same planned water stops (thank GOD for CVS!).  This had to stop!  I knew the search for the perfect belt was in full force.  I could not begin to train again for any distance until I found something that would alleviate this issue.

I determined pretty quickly that a handheld anything would be out of the question.  I already hated holding my phone, so I knew I wouldn’t want to hold water.  However, at the insistence of a few running friends, I tried.  It was a clear cut no from me.


Sometime in late fall I saw an ad on Facebook for Flipbelt*.  Flip belt comes in three styles- zipper, classic and water.  That’s right…a belt that comes with water bottles AND holds a phone, ID and a key.  It looked too good to be true but I could not find one negative review. I posted on my local running page and turns out, a few of my fellow runners had also recently discovered them and loved them.

A few weeks after first seeing the ad, I saw they were running a sale. I was not going to pass this up.  I emailed the link to my mom with the subject line “Christmas Gift” and crossed my fingers that this would be the belt to end the belt search!

I am happy to report that the Flipbelt has been the BEST belt I have ever used.  I love it!  I haven’t had to use it with all three water bottles yet, but so far with my phone, key, ID and up to two of the bottles, it works awesome.  I hardly even know it is there- everything fits perfectly and it really does not move at all.  It took almost zero getting used to.  At first, I was aware of the bottle on my waist, but after a few minutes of running it settled in.  I am still working on getting items in and out while keeping a pace because it can be difficult to slide them while moving, but that is a (very) small criticism, especially because the entire point is for everything to stay put!

The flipbelt is fast becoming my favorite piece of running gear.  I love being hands free while running and having water with me. (And being hands free at the gym since I don’t need to carry my phone around.)  I am most looking forward to what a relief it will be come summer to be able to run routes without having to be concerned about hydration.


Obviously terrible at side shot selfies, but you can see how nice it fits around the waist!


*Disclaimer- I received this as a gift from my parents for Christmas.  I am not being compensated in any way for my review.