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Clean Eating Challenge; Days 4-7

One week complete!

Day 4-

This was a really good day.  I woke up energized and ready to go.  It was definitely the best  I had felt.  I capped off the day with a great workout and my delicious post workout smoothie!  This smoothie is probably one of my favorites because it tastes like I am eating a pb&banana sandwich!  It was a good day.  Nothing else to really say.

Day 5- 

I woke up in a bad mood.  No idea why.  Just a funk.

  • I really, really, REALLY, wanted waffles for breakfast.  This was my first real legit craving since having started.  If only there was a waffle flavored breakfast smoothie!
  • The coffee thing is bothering me so much less than I ever imagined it would.  I still want a cup in the afternoon, and on this day I was really sluggish, so I really wanted another cup.  Instead, I made some green tea.  It is definitely not the same, but it was better than nothing.
  • My day turned around when MY VITAMIX arrived!!!!!
  • I had my first real challenge of the challenge.  I had a fundraiser for a friend at the local bike shop, sponsored by Team Fuji.  Team Fuji does a triathlon night every year at my bike shop, but this year we were also raising money for a friend who had been recently diagnosed with cancer.  (Team Fuji= Andy Potts, Cam Dye, Matty Reed and Sara McLarty)  It is a really fun night, but there is always TONS of food and free alcohol!  I knew it would be a challenge so I made a really filling dinner smoothie before leaving my house!  I ended up doing pretty well.  I did have one beer, but I had decided ahead of time, I was likely going to have one.  I say I did “pretty well” because it wasn’t long before I spotted my weakness.  Almond cookies.  Any type of sugar, almond, sandies type cookie and it is game over.  I ate two!  I won’t lie, I was a little upset with myself.  Not because I ate them, but because I didn’t even try not to eat them.  I saw them and I ate them.  But then I saw Andy Potts eat one and thought “Cheers!” this is a fun night!
  • As soon as I got home, I research some healthy versions of almond cookies.  Found one that is only three ingredients that I will definitely be making very soon!

andy potts

Me and Andy

Day 6-

Woke up in a much better mood and with tons of energy.  This was good because I had so much to get done!

  • Met my mom for lunch at Panera.  We use to sometimes split the You Pick Two, and she would get a 1/2 salad and I would get 1/2 sandwich.  I definitely wasn’t going to get a sandwich and neither of us wanted whole salads.  I cannot believe we never thought of this before, but we asked if we could get the You Pick Two and each get 1/2 salads.  THAT was easy, they said yes with no problem!  Awesome!  I had looked into what I was going to get before coming, so I was totally prepared.  (Side note: did you know Panera has a “hidden menu” with very healthier options?  Well, they do.  No idea why it needs to be hidden but it is.  Unfortunately, I would want to change them all around and I didn’t want to ask for a second favor.)  I went with the Thai Salad with no wonton strips and dressing on the side.  I didn’t even end up liking the dressing and the salad was perfect without it.  It had a little bite to it thanks to the spicy edemmame, but I really liked it.  It added good flavor and a nice crunch.
  • For dinner, I tried something new.  I was going to use it as a New Food Friday, but I forgot finished pics!  I made ground turkey taco salad.  Before this, I had (seriously) never had ground turkey.  I had fresh spinach, turkey meat (seasoned with taco seasoning), and grilled onions and peppers and topped with light Italian dressing .  I really liked it, but I will admit, I very much missed having cheese.  A LOT!  If I make this again, I will sprinkle some cheese on top.
  • When I say taco seasoning…I mean, I made my own!  I am very proud of this because I have two of those packets in my cabinet.  One if half open and needs to be used at some point anyway.  However, I had come across a homemade version and since I had all the ingredients handy, I figured I would try.  Pretty simple to make although I had way too much because it was too hard to divide the measurements to make it enough for only one serving.   I think next time, I’ll finish my packet and then eventually, I’ll make a bigger batch of this to save and use when needed.
  • I bought tons of those click top containers (plus, my mom chipped in a bought me some too 🙂 ) so that I could finally have an easy way to store my loose foods.  I already have them for my dry baking ingredients and love them.  My house is very short on storage and I need to be very smart with my space.  These containers definitely help!

Day 7-

Pretty simple day.  Gym, cleaning, pool. 🙂

  • I have been having smoothies for breakfast every day, but I decided to have some quick oats with almond butter and strawberries.  It was a nice change up and I was so full afterwards!
  • The craziest thing happened…a woman at the pool had Johnson’s popcorn.  It’s pretty famous by me; sold in Ocean City and people LOVE it.  I LOVE it.  It is ridiculously good caramel popcorn.  As soon as she offered me some, I thought, I am doomed.  I’ll eat the whole bucket if you let me.  But I simply took a few pieces and went back to my chair….pretending the popcorn wasn’t on the table 5 feet away.  But then…I ate it and it was enough.  Just a few pieces did the trick.  Had I taken more, I would have eaten it, even though the small amount was perfectly fine.  It’s a pretty big step in my issues with portion control.

Energy Level: Still kind of low during the week, but much better over the weekend.

Hunger Level:  I am almost never hungry.  I find myself shocked that I got to this age without ever truly realizing what food could do for me.  I eating less, but I am more satisfied.  Additionally, I feel like I am really paying attention to taste.  Almost like my sense of taste is heightened or something I cannot quite explain.

Overall:  At the end of the first full week, I am feeling really good.  I definitely feel better in general and I am starting to notice other things changing as well.   My skin is clearing up, I have so much less bloating, I am sleeping better, I feel more energized and overall, I just feel lighter.  And well, I AM lighter.  I weighed myself for the first time in a week and I have lost some weight.  I am really trying not to focus on the number but it did feel good to see that my lighter feeling was right, and it definitely helps motivate me to get through this week.


Cheers to another week!

❤ Jillian

Clean Eating Challenge; Days 1-3

Well, I made it to Day 4 🙂

 Day 1-

The first day of anything new is always awesome.  I had been thinking about it for weeks, making small changes for the days leading up to Monday and was pumped to finally make the changes necessary to start down a road to a healthier me.  Here are some thoughts on the day:

  • It dawned on me while I was drinking my water that my lips don’t typically touch water after I brush my teeth until well into the mid-morning.  (Slaps own hand!!!)  I have been drinking water with lemon for over a month now because my allergist said it would be good for me, but I usually wait until I am at work.  Now I am really doing it first thing!  I have to say, it was a little hard to drink that early, but what I noticed the most was that it forced me to slow down.  I am a three times (ok, five times) alarm snoozer,which leads me to rush around in the morning trying to get everything done.  Knowing I needed the extra time, I have been setting the alarm a bit earlier and it has been so nice to not be rushing around.  I think that has done more for me than the extra 7 minute intervals of sleep I get when I snooze.
  • I decided that my omgoneandonly cup of coffee would be best suited for me to drink once I was settled in at work right about the same time I would be having my mid-morning snack.  What I have been loving is that when it is time for my mid-morning snack, I am not even that hungry and a small snack is perfect.  The smoothie does it’s job to keep me full!
  • I definitely noticed a difference in my work speed.  I felt slow and sluggish and by the time the day was over.  Not sure if it is in my head but I definitely feel like the decrease in coffee is affecting me.
  • It was my first day packing lunch and I HATE packing lunch!  One of the (most amazing) perks we get here, is free lunch.  Whatever we want from the dining hall selections, which also includes items from an awesome salad bar.  However, the Dining Hall is closed until Summer School begins, so I would be packing regardless.  First big lesson learned: packing is so much harder when you are trying to eat clean.  I had already prepped a bunch of food in tupperware; it wasn’t the lack of choices, it was more of how many tupperwares I needed for my lunch!  One for the chicken, one for the salad, one for the dressing and then another for my veggies and another for the hummus.  I kept thinking to myself, “there has to be an easier way” because lugging all those containers is not a good time.  And moreover, I was already dreading having to clean them all.  I know most the human population does this daily (and I used to as well) but I found it tough.
  • Throughout the day, I never felt hungry.  I felt bored by the pool without my usual bag of snacks, but I wasn’t hungry, so I just stuck to my water and waited for dinner.
  • My one “cheat” was that I did make myself a little dessert using one small square of Hershey’s dark chocolate.  I know that is on the no-no list because it is high in sugar and processed with Alkali, but I was craving something chocolate.  The other options still sitting in my fridge were a Reece’s Cup, a Hershey’s Almond Bar and a Regular Hershey Bar.  (Recently took the 8th grade to Hershey!)  I took the small square and topped it with almond butter and some slivered almonds.  It was small but perfect.  And I am totally not holding it against myself.
  • I was really tired.  Not long after dinner, I was ready for bed.  Usually I head up around 9-930pm on a work night in the hopes of being asleep by 10-1030pm, but last night, it was all I could do to stay up past 8pm!

 Day 2-

Felt a lot like Day 1.  Here are some thoughts on the day:

  • I still felt a little sluggish.  930-10am and 2pm-3pm are my worst times.  I feel like I cannot get a single task done.
  • Since there is no lunch here right now, everyone I eat with is ordering out.  It didn’t bother me too much today, but I anticipate it bothering me in a week from now.
  • I went to the gym and felt ok, but it wasn’t the greatest workout I ever had.  Can I blame that on the coffee too??
  • Overall, I was kind of glad when the day was over.


Day 3-

I took the day off because I had read over and over that day three can be the toughest.  I didn’t think it was tough but that is more than likely because I took off and after my morning workout and running some errands, I spent the day laying by the pool.  Day two was much tougher.

  • It was nice to have off and get a really good nights sleep and wake up without an alarm.
  • I love morning workouts so much.  I have to be in work by 7am and I work an hour away from where I live, so morning workouts are out of the question and something I really enjoy when I have the opportunity.  Today, I had a really good workout!
  • I had THE BEST post workout smoothie today and felt super energized while getting my errands done.  It was full of almond milk, almond butter and bananas.  I am also using About Time Whey Isolate protein.  I truthfully haven’t done enough research on which whey is best for me (although I am working on it now) but this one looked pretty clean to me, had good macros and is what I felt like was best for a start.   I’ll take suggestions!
  • I was ALREADY kind of bored with my food options.  Money is definitely a struggle, so I have to get better at meal planning so that I don’t feel stuck to the same foods.  I have been eating tons of chicken and shrimp and I just needed something new!  (I know shrimp isn’t something the entire “clean camp” agrees with, but I believe it to be healthy and I eat tons of it!  Plus, Tiffany over at Gracious Pantry includes it on her list and I see her as a good barometer!)
  • I decided to pick up some brown rice pasta and make myself a dish of lemon and garlic shrimp with pasta.  It satisfied the craving and I no longer felt bored.  Amazing how one meal can change things!


I will talk about Day 4 in my next update but I want to say this…I woke up with an energy level I have not felt in a long time.  I didn’t even get a good nights sleep thanks to a terrible overnight storm, yet I felt great when I woke up.  I am only on Day 4 but I can tell a difference.  I guess if I had to sum up how I feel in one word…it would be lighter.  Not pound wise (I haven’t even weighed myself since Sunday) but just in general.  Something about me just feels lighter.  And energized.  It feels good and is motivation to keep going!!!


Energy Level: I would say an average of 4 for the first three days but it is definitely on its way up!

Hunger Level:  The only time I feel hungry is in the afternoon after lunch and it’s not because I am actually hungry.  It is because I am used to coming back from lunch and snacking all afternoon, which I have stopped doing.  For the most part, I find I am totally satisfied.  I am a little surprised by that because I am definitely eating less in quantity, but I know it is because the quality is so much better.

Overall:  It is hard to get used to the food prepping, the planning and the packing.  I am trying to make sure I always have something on hand, so I am not tempted.  I think I am sleeping better, wake up more refreshed and my skin is a bit clearer.   I will feel a little better when the dining hall opens back for lunch next week and it feels like a little less work.  I also need to continue to find new recipes, so that I don’t get bored.  Overall, I am glad I am challenging myself but it is not easy.


Clean Eating Challenge

I know the term “clean eating” is highly debatable.  Some feel like it is just they way we should be eating, without a label.  Others think of it as just another diet.  And a few don’t even care.  I definitely do not see it as a diet, which is exactly what led me to this path.  I definitely DO see it as the way I should be eating.  But it is hard.  IT IS HARD!  While I certainly hope this will be how I naturally live my life, any change takes time.  And sometimes you just need to shock your system a little!  The “challenge” part of the whole thing is to be absolutely as clean as possible for two weeks.    This means starting my day with lemon water and a smoothie, eating lots of vegetables, drinking a ton of water, eating whole-grains, lean meats and fish and healthy fats throughout the day and ending with a cup of green tea.  It also means nothing processed, no refined foods, no artificial ingredients, no alcohol and no coffee. Overall, I am healthier than the average person, but I still have a lot of work to do when it comes to be nutritionally well-rounded.  I think this will serve as the perfect jump-start to an overall healthier diet.  And in this context, diet just means the way I eat.

Like how I live most of my life, I researched my brains out for two months and determined  a total detox or juice cleanse was out.  Please, I want to be healthy, but I don’t want to lie to myself.  I am not going to not eat.  I would be setting myself up for failure on a full detox or juice cleanse.  I need to chew…I need to eat.  I love food!  Plus, that shit is expensive!!!  I want something that will challenge me, but that is realistic for my life and my expectations.  That is exactly why “clean eating” works for me.  Or will work for me.   At least I hope, haha!  I am not going into this to lose a bunch of weight (although, dropping a few pounds would be a nice bonus) but I would definitely like to get lean and toned.  What is that saying?  Oh yeah, “abs are made in the gym but revealed in the kitchen.”   I want to change how I eat the majority of the time and I would like to change what my body craves.   I also want to find new foods and recipes and healthier versions of foods I already eat.  And perhaps most importantly, I want to learn some portion control when it comes to food.

After the initial two weeks, I hope to be able to stick with this plan at least 80-90% of the time.  The other 10-20%?  Well, I have a life and I plan to keep living it!  Ideally, these two weeks will put me on the right track and help me to eliminate some foods for good, but I fully plan to be flexible at times, so that I can enjoy life.

Now…let’s talk about the coffee.   I am allowing myself to have 12 ounces of coffee a day.  Listen up crazy cleansers who say I can’t have my coffee.  I can.  I drink my coffee black and even though most advise against it, I am siding with the ones who say it’s okay.  Because if I don’t, I can’t function.  Trust me, going from my usual 36 ounces a day to 12 ounces is going to be change enough.  Changing the way I eat is going to be hard enough.  Not having a beer with friends, will be hard.  Not digging into the nachos will be hard.  I don’t need intense headaches and lack of coffee rage to go along with it.  I can handle everything else, but the coffee stays.

I started making small changes and weaning myself off certain foods about two weeks ago;  for the last two weeks, I have been starting most days with a smoothie for breakfast, have overall eaten pretty clean, limited my alcohol and started cutting down on my coffee, so I felt really ready to start this today!  Let’s do it!


Have you ever done a cleanse, detox or clean eating challenge?  How did you do?


Disclosure- (Apparently, I have to have one of these.  It’s my first disclosure, so bear with me.) Nobody is paying me or compensating me to being my own personal clean eating challenege (unfortunately, for me) and all opinions you will read throughout my  journey are my own.  Before starting a detox, cleanse or any nutritional program of your own, you should do your own research.  I am in no way licensed to give medical advice (although, neither are 90% of my Facebook friends, but they do it) and if you have questions specific to your own health, you should contact a doctor.

Getting Healthy One Step At A Time

I have an admission to make.  I am jealous of people who can’t eat when they are stressed.  When I am stressed, all I do is eat.  That is on top of the amount of eating I do on the regular.  Working in a school keeps me stressed 9 months out of the year.  That is on top of the every day stresses of life in general.  So I eat.  A lot.

I am never going to be the type of person who doesn’t eat.  It won’t happen.  Simply put, I just love food.  I also have a tendency to get very hangry (hungry+angry) if I don’t eat for too long.  I try to balance my love of food with my love of working out, but I realized recently that I need to make a much more conscious effort to be more aware of what I am eating and how much I am eating.   I need to love a few foods less (french friends) and a lot of foods more (beans and vegetables).

It’s hard.  Damn hard.

The biggest issue for me is that when I stop thinking about it, I really stop thinking about it.  I’ll think of a plan (I really hate the word diet) and do really well for a while but then over time I just stop doing what works.  Or I’ll be so into working out that I can keep off the weight without thinking too much at all.  The problem with that is this…it isn’t healthy.  What I need to do, is change the way I live when it comes to food.  Stop coming up with “plans” and just change my lifestyle in general.  That way, it’s not even something I have to think about.

Since fall, I have made some small changes.  I have eliminated most dairy (still use regular cheeses) from my house and try to keep it at a bare minimum when I am dining out.  I use almond milk and almond flour.  I eat brown rice instead of white, wheat pasta instead of white, I cut out American cheese completely and started incorporating more vegetables into my meals.  Those are just a few ways I have slowly been making changes to my lifestyle.  In just a few months, I have become so much more cognizant of what I am putting into my body.  For years I have read labels, but now I am much more focused on ingredients and how each ingredient will work to benefit my body.  I am also being smarter about what I order when I am out to eat.

It’s amazing to me; I always thought I was aware of what was good and bad and of what I was eating, but I still have a lot to learn.   So much of what I am learning and implementing is common sense and I wonder why it has taken me so long to make these simple changes.  It’s not all stuff I didn’t know…I just wasn’t doing it.  Or even worse, there are things I didn’t know, that I feel like I should have known.  I have always thought of myself as a pretty healthy person, but I am slowly realizing that I still have so much work to do.

Are you a stress eater?  What are some steps you have taken to get healthier?


❤ Jillian