Who is Jillian?

I’m “in my thirties” as I like to say and I truly believe the best years of my life are those in my future.  I am thankful for (most of) my past but definitely not living in it!

I am a true Jersey Girl. I’m loud, I have big opinions and an even bigger attitude.  I definitely go “downtheshore.”   I hate to be mean but I live to be honest.  I pay my mortgage on time and I mow my own lawn.  I like wine a lot and I have a desire to stamp my passport as many times as possible.

I love to write; I went to school for it but I will often begin sentences with conjunctions and I have been known to make up my own words. I have also been known to get a good case of comma hiccups and I am an ellipses abuser. Good thing you aren’t grading me.  And if my professors are reading…well, that 3.85 GPA proved I DO know how…I just choose not too.  Jersey girls are also stubborn!

I dislike people who start clapping when they laugh and any noise made while opening a bag.  I don’t understand why 80’s fashion is making a comeback and I hate winter more than I could ever express in words.  I also never hopped on the “I love avocados” bandwagon.  This is an avocado free zone.

I probably couldn’t live without coffee, body glide, ranch dressing and my ability to laugh at myself.  I won’t even try.  There is a better chance of me eating a whole avocado than giving up ranch dressing.  Not. Happening.

Threw in the triathlon towel two summers ago after deciding my hate for the bike would never change.  Given I didn’t expect to finish more than A SINGLE triathlon, I am happy I was able to finish many.  Almost all of them with a smile.  I even have a few medals to prove I could sometimes be good at the triathlon stuff.  (I miss swimming competitively, so if you ever need a relay partner, I am your girl!)

I still run.  Mostly because I like to eat, but also because sometimes I actually like to run.  Once, I ran for a few miles on a broken foot at the end of a marathon.  That wasn’t fun at all but I still finished like a beast.  Well, an hour over than I planned, but still like a beast.  I drank a lot of margaritas to make up for that calorie loss and to numb the pain.  The marathon will change you.  If you have done one you know that, and if you haven’t…well, you have been warned.

I listed all my completed races under their own tab, because there is a chance my old gym teachers will one day come across this blog.  And because I like to brag.  Yes, I am slow.  And I’ll still brag.

I would love for you to check out my first blog,  Finishing is Winning.  If not now, later.  I’ll be linking the crap out of that blog on this blog, so eventually you will have to give in and read it.   

I started blogging regularly in February of 2009 and it quickly became daily habit.  Finishing is Winning (see twice already!) started as a way to track my progress through running and triathlon and through my blog I ending up connecting with (and meeting!) so many amazing people.  After I ran my marathon in 2011, my blogging slowed down.  I had broken my foot and since I wasn’t training, I didn’t feel like I had much to write about.  Then, once I was healed, I rushed into training again and ended up burnt out before it could really take off.  I needed a mental break and once I came through that, my priorities had shifted when it came to racing.  As much as I loved (TRULY LOVED) training and racing for triathlon, I also really didn’t like biking.  And my dislike for biking overshadowed my love for the sport altogether.  During the summer of 2012, I decided I was no longer going to race in full triathlons.  I really wanted to focus on running.  But then, something even bigger happened.  I decided, I really didn’t want to race at all.  I didn’t want a schedule or a plan or anything.  I just wanted to get up and do what I wanted when it came to working out.  I just wanted to work out.  So for a year, that is what I did.  In the mix, I did swim in a few relays and I ran two half-marathons, but for the most part, I just rolled with whatever I felt like doing.  It was great.  It still is great.

But where did that leave my blog?

My entire blog was based on running, triathlon, schedules, training and etc.  I still wanted to write but I couldn’t figure out how to transition my blog along with my life.  So I pretty much stopped blogging.  I tried to revive it a few times but to no avail.  But I really came to miss writing.  So I decided to start a new blog…this blog.  At the end of the day, I want to write like the way I want to work out.  I want to decide each day what to write about and I want to write about all different things I love.  (Most specifically, but certainly not limited to, food and running!)  Jillian Says and Jillian Writes were both taken, so that is how this blog became Jillian Loves.  (Although, I will likely talk about things I don’t love as well!)

Keep reading to find out more


❤ Jillian


If you ever want to contact me personally, my email is MsJillianLeigh@gmail

  1. So glad to have come across your blog and can’t wait to read more of your old one. You sound like a really great person. I’m looking forward to getting to know you! Oh, and you ARE really good at writing! xoxo Olena

  2. Hi Jillian. Great to meet you. I came here via Eli’s blog after reading your interview. Enjoy the blogging, whatever you write about, I’ve no doubt it’ll be authentic. Cheers and warmest wishes from down under.

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