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Race Report- Riverton 4th of July 5k

I knew for a while that my July race would be a 5k on the 4th of July, since there are so many to choose from near me.  I decided on Riverton because it is a cute little town, not too far and it was only $15!  They have a HUGE parade post 5k (like, the whole entire town goes, plus towns around it) so I was expecting some decent spectating.  I also liked that there was a portion along the river since I knew it would likely be hot.

Pre-Race:  Met up with some friends, who were also racing and got some photos.  It was about as hot as expected and I was not feeling it at all.  Got to the line and figured it is what it is…

Race: I think feeling hateful prior to a run actually works for me!  As soon as we took off, I felt great, despite sweating like a pig three seconds into it.  I knew I was moving and when I saw my first mile pace, I thought it would be possible to have a post-accident PR. My fastest 5k to date has been the Sea Isle 5k back in February, so I have been chasing that for a few months.  The second mile was a hill…and I mean, for a loonnnnggggg time.  So much hill…until suddenly we were on a incline.  A hill on a hill?  Yes, that was happening.  I wanted to stop…I wanted to be done…but I was really running well and also just wanted to be finished!  As I headed onto the street where I could clearly see the finish line, I knew I had the PR!  I hit the finish at 31 minutes on the dot!


Post-Race: Water, bananas, kids mile fun run, more food and the parade.  Left pretty quick though because I needed more food, so I went to breakfast with a friend and skipped the parade!


When I started running again, I wasn’t sure I would ever get back under a 30 minute 5k. However, I now think that I could possible do it.  I will have a few opportunities in the fall, so I have been working hard on my speed work.  I have been pretty happy with my running this year, being that I have only been cleared from my accident for a little over a year.  This time last summer, I was starting over with a couch to 5k program.  Now I am gearing up for my second half-marathon in 5 months time.

Next up: Queen of the Hill Triathlon, relay.  I am the swimmer, of course!