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Race Report: Scott Coffee 8K

Well, I am about six weeks and three races behind! Sigh….typical!

Let’s get caught up!

The Scott Coffee 8k is one of my most favorite local races; yet, because of its timing, I haven’t run it in a few years.  It falls the day after I get back from the 8th grade overnight class trip- the trip absolutely exhausts me since we work a full day, go to Hershey Park, stay up WAY past my bedtime and then get up and spend all day Friday at the park.  We get home around 10pm Friday night.  Needless to say, I am typically out of commission the next day.  However, I have missed this race and with over 50 of my friends running, I knew it would motivate me to get to the start line.

I woke up Saturday about as exhausted as expected, but with a stomach ache I was NOT expecting (this may or may not have been the dippin dots I ate the night before) and it was making for a rough morning.  It was also raining. Thankfully, because it is so local, I knew I would be okay time wise and just hoped there would be a porta potty in case!  There was and I’ll spare you the details but it involved many visits and finally walking over to the Rite-Aid for some meds.  Lifesaving!

Pre-Race:  Well, I spent most of it trying to to shit myself, but once I took some meds and knew I would be okay, I found my friends and we got some photos! It was a huge group, which always makes it more fun!  Plus, my mom and my boyfriend were both there to spectate, so I knew it would be an exciting finish line.

Race: I took off with my friend Chell for the first quarter mile or so before catching up to my friend Renee and some of her friends.  Ran with them for a while and the first three miles went FAST!  Mile 4 was a bit slower, with quite a bit of walking, but I knew I was well within my goal time, so I tried to stay positive so I could pick it up for the last mile! I pulled it together and got to the finish, pretty much right when I had hoped!

Post-Race: They give out Lacas Iced Coffee and it is SO GOOD! Local coffee and one of my favorites.  We also get it in our race bags, which is an awesome perk!  The race ends at the beginning of the street fair, but unfortunately it was still raining.  We still walked around a little but once we got lunch we were ready to go.

As always this is one of my favorite races.  Very well supported by the locals and always a good time.  For where I am in my training, I was happy with my time.  I hope to be back next June!