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Medford Memorial Day 5k

In one week, I chaperoned an overnight trip for the 8th grade, ran field day and survived another graduation!  Now I can get caught up on my draft posts, including two more race reports!

Decided on a whim to sign up for this race because it was a few miles from my house and only $10.  I had off for the holiday and saw no better way to start the day than with a 5k.

Pre-Race:  I was able to sleep in until 6:30 (yes, that is sleeping in for extra 90 minutes!) and since it was close and small, I knew I didn’t need to leave too early.  Got to the race about 25 minutes before start and caught up with some friends.

Race: Had no idea what to expect…have been feeling pretty burnt out from work, but based on my time at the 80’s 5k the previous Wednesday, I knew a (post-injury) PR was possible.  The weather was perfect- a little humidity but cloudy and cool with a little rain falling from the trees from an earlier shower.  We took off and I felt good right from the start…forced myself to keep it slow while I warmed up and then allowed myself to pick it up.  About halfway, I felt like I might be going to fast but decided to roll with it for as long as I could. I was definitely pushing myself, but I walked the water stop and then regrouped for the rest of the race.  I checked my watched at the three mile mark and knew a PR would be close, but possible.  I gunned it for the final push and felt great!  By my time I knew it was going to be one way or the other by seconds, but it didn’t matter because I truly felt great about the race overall.

Post-Race:  Saw the print out and missed a PR by ONE SECOND.  I was kind of bummed but figured there’s always next time.  But then I got home and saw the adjusted time and I had a PR by 17 seconds!

For a small, cheap race it was well run and fun! Good course and a nice little post race.  I would definitely do this again!

memorial day

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