Totally Awesome 80’s 5k

Not going to do my standard race report because two things:

1- Not really a 5k…more like a fun group run.  No bibs, no clocks, no traffic cones!

2- Not really that awesome…too much traffic, so many road blocks (it was trash day…imagine!) and had to wait at red lights.  Odd…

That said, I had so much fun getting dressed up, being with my friends and at the post party, I don’t really care if it was a real 5k or not!  Plus, despite everything I had a pretty good run.   I spent the first mile warming up at about an 11ish minute mile, running with a few friends and then took off for miles two and three.  I averaged 10:20 for those two miles and that included a traffic stop!  I finished around 32 minutes, so had it not been for the roadblocks, I may have had my best 5k time all year!

Overall, this race was fun.  I loved the theme (although, it was a struggle to run in leg warmers), they had a super fun after party and it was only $20!  Plus, a free post-run beer 🙂  I like a night 5k, but it was an hour from home, so I couldn’t enjoy the after party as much as I would have liked.  The only other note I’ll make is this:  I have NO IDEA how girls wear so much make-up when they run.  I had it caked on last night and it felt awful when I was sweating and I looked a hot mess when I finished.  Yuck!


Have you ever done a costume or dress up race or fun run?


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  1. This sounds fun! And I love your outfit! I’ve never tried running with a full face of makeup… but I sweat horribly when I have sunscreen on! I wonder if it feels the same – super icky!

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