Week In Review; March 4-10

Saturday: 10 miles on the spin bike using a cool video I found.  I really like using spin class youtube videos and find it is a good substitute for when I don’t go to a class.  Followed it up with a 2.5 mile run.

Sunday: Planned rest day.

Monday: Didn’t want to run, so opted for a spin class.

Tuesday: Not a planned rest day, but still not cleared to lift or swim and didn’t feel like running.  Went for a 2 mile walk just to do something.

Wednesday: Arrived early to my weekly run, so got in two solo miles before another five with the group.  Nice to get a long run in on a weekday.

Thursday: Spin class, which is now a definite weekly thing!

Friday: Not a planned rest day but my legs were exhausted!  Listened to my body and rested.  Then listed to my heart and went to happy hour 😉

Weekly High: Pretty happy with my mid-week run!

Weekly Low: Still not cleared to swim or lift.

Quote of the week: 




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