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Week In Review; March 25-April 1

Saturday: 6 miles with my friend Megan.  It was HUMID but I appreciate it after all the cold runs we have had this year!

Sunday: Planned rest day.

Monday: HRC group run. My fastest 4 miles of the year so far, with two of them sub 10!!!

Tuesday:  Took a friend to the pool for her first swim and did 650 meters of my own.

Wednesday: Cooperloopers group run; 4 miles for me!  I felt slow and sluggish but my pace was spot on.

Thursday: You know…spin class 🙂 But this time, with a friend, which always makes it more fun!

Friday: Planned rest day in preparation for my Saturday race.

Weekly High: Every workout was with a friend or multiple friends.

Weekly Low: I feel stretched so thin.  I need a nap!

Quote of the week: 

I sure hope this is the case…cause I have a race tomorrow and I have trained so hard!

Week In Review; March 18-24

Saturday: Adrenaline 5K.  You can read about it here!

Sunday: Planned rest day.

Monday: Solo spin bike ride with a video.  I always thought the videos were cheesy, but they are definitely helping!  Followed it up with a run just under three miles.

Tuesday: Swam 1200.  Feels good to be back in the pool after a few weeks off due to my hand injury.

Wednesday: It was cold and the wind was brutal but I still met up with my group for a 4 mile loop.  I absolutely credit my consistency with my progress, so no matter what, I make the runs happen!

Thursday: You know…spin class 🙂

Friday: I toyed off and on with swimming, but I have a long run tomorrow and my body was telling me to rest.  I went for a 3 mile walk just to get out, and while I did want to swim, I think I made the right decision.

Weekly High: I am really proud of my performance at Adrenaline.  While not a PR by far, I feel myself getting stronger.

Weekly Low: Really, I just want some consistently good weather!  Spring, I am ready!

Quote of the week: 

Image result for fitness getting stronger memes

Race Report: Adrenaline 5k

This past Sunday, I hit up a local (very popular) 5k to check off my March race towards my goal of racing at least once every month this year.  I have been looking forward to this race for over a year; before my accident, it was supposed to be my comeback race last year.  I absolutely had to do it this year!  And to think, it almost didn’t happen since a second snowstorm was being predicted all week.  Thankfully, it never happened and we had a nice dry morning!

Pre-Race:  It was a late start and local, so I didn’t even have to leave my house until 8am! Because the race director is also the owner of our local running store, and the founder of our #856 running club, I knew a ton of people running this race.  Pre-race was mostly just chatting and catching up with friends.

Race: I started off with a friend who runs just over my typical race pace, because I did not want to go out too fast.  Starting too fast is definitely my greatest racing flaw and I am working very hard at pacing myself!  I was also worried about slick roads, but that was thankfully, an unfounded concern.  After about a mile, I took off on my own and was feeling great.  I know the course well, since it encompasses part of our bi-weekly Monday group run and I was really comfortable the entire race.  There was great support on the course and the temperature turned out to be perfect!  Their was a huge Ainsley’s Angels turnout and it was awesome to see them on the course as well.  So proud of and inspired by my friends who run with these kids!  It was a great race and I was stoked to have come in under my goal time.  It was a few seconds slower than my last 5k, but I paced myself much better and felt stronger overall!



Post-Race:  Got a chocolate milk and bagel, chatted with friends and hit up the post-race party back at the running store.  Later that night we celebrated the race director and store owners birthday, along with the 20th birthday of the store!  The funniest part of the night was how many people commented about how much hair I have!  Most of them only see me at group runs or races, when my hair is up or under a hat!



Overall, it was a really great day and night!

Next race: Hot Chocolate 15k

Week In Review; March 11-17

Saturday: Hit up a weekend spin class, which was actually being taught by an acquaintance of mine. That was a fun surprise!  Followed it with a 2.5 mile run.

Sunday: Planned rest day.

Monday: Spring Break means morning workouts! Spin class and another 2.5 mile run! Later in the day, I was feeling antsy, so I went for a 2 mile walk.  Pretty good day!

Tuesday: We had a blizzard.  I still cannot believe it!

Wednesday: Thanks to all of the ice leftover from the storm, I was relegated to the treadmill.  My planned outdoor 8 miler turned into a dreadmill 6.5 miler.

Thursday: Met my friend Becky at the pool in the morning.  She is doing her first tri this summer and I am helping her with her swimming.  I got in 1000 meters of my own while I was there.  That night, I hit up a spin class.  I am a “regular” now!

Friday: Planned rest day.

Weekly High: Spring Break!!!!

Weekly Low: I mean, it’s my SPRING break and we had a blizzard.  What the what?!?!

Quote of the week: 

This.  It just has to get done, even when the weather is cooperating!

Week In Review; March 4-10

Saturday: 10 miles on the spin bike using a cool video I found.  I really like using spin class youtube videos and find it is a good substitute for when I don’t go to a class.  Followed it up with a 2.5 mile run.

Sunday: Planned rest day.

Monday: Didn’t want to run, so opted for a spin class.

Tuesday: Not a planned rest day, but still not cleared to lift or swim and didn’t feel like running.  Went for a 2 mile walk just to do something.

Wednesday: Arrived early to my weekly run, so got in two solo miles before another five with the group.  Nice to get a long run in on a weekday.

Thursday: Spin class, which is now a definite weekly thing!

Friday: Not a planned rest day but my legs were exhausted!  Listened to my body and rested.  Then listed to my heart and went to happy hour 😉

Weekly High: Pretty happy with my mid-week run!

Weekly Low: Still not cleared to swim or lift.

Quote of the week: 



Week In Review; February 25-March 3


Weekend: Last Friday night, I headed up to Pittsburgh with my Dad and boyfriend.  My boyfriend had gotten us tickets to a UNC game for Christmas (my dad and I are HUGE UNC fans) and offered to drive us up.  It was a great weekend, and other than the walking I did around Pittsburgh, I did no such exercise!


All smiles after a UNC win!!!

Monday: Missed my Monday group run, so it was a 5.7 mile run on the dreadmill for me.

Tuesday: Not a planned rest day. (See weekly low, below.)

Wednesday: Due to the predicted crazy thunderstorms, I was once again relegated to the treadmill for a 10k.  Turns out, barely even rained. So annoying when they hype up a storm.  Also, dangerous, because when a real storm comes, people won’t believe it and won’t be prepared!

Thursday: Back to the hardcore spin class.  Pretty difficult, but such a great workout.

Friday: Planned rest day.

Weekly High: Seeing UNC win, in person!!!

Weekly Low: I took a pretty bad spill at work on Monday.  All of my weight landed on my left hand and injured my wrist/hand/finger.  Other than the bad scrapes, I felt okay but because there was so much bruising, work sent me to get checked out.  Spent most of Tuesday at the medical center getting x-rays and such. Tore up my skin pretty bad, a few bruised bones and a sprain.  Thankfully, nothing is broken, but I am still all wrapped up for the time being due to the deep scrapes and sprain.  No swimming for about a week and it was definitely a little harder to spin, but I am still making it happen!  No excuses!

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Getting to take a road trip with my dad!
  2. No break after my fall!
  3. The weekend- it’s been a long week!

Quote of the week: 

Twice I had to run on the treadmill.  My hand is wrapped in a bandage.  I had to modify for spin.  Not allowed to swim or lift.  But I found a way and had a good week of workouts!



❤ Jillian