Race Report: Sea Isle 5k For Autism

On Sunday, I headed down to Sea Isle to check off February in my quest to race at least one race every month!  This race almost didn’t happen for multiple reasons and stands as proof that accountability works.  For one, I only had one weekend in February open to choose a race.  That left me with basically one choice; a February race down the shore, that was 17 degrees last year.  Not my idea of a good time.  Secondly, I didn’t really know anyone else racing, and those I did know, ended up backing out.  I didn’t so much mind going alone, but the idea of driving over an hour each way for a 5k, gave me pause.  Had I not had the goal of racing once a month, it may have been enough reason for me to bag this race.  However, I am committed to my goal and the weather prediction was beautiful, so downtheshore I went!

Pre-Race: I had no idea what to expect, except that I knew it would be crowded; so I headed down early to make sure I could get parking and grab my bib before the race started.  I was lucky to find parking pretty close, grabbed my bib, walked around a little a got some pictures and hung out in my car drinking coffee until it was time go head to the start.


Race: Logistically, this race was a nightmare.  It was a mass start- completely chaotic- super frustrating.  It was a run/walk and SO MANY WALKERS started at the front.  I spent the first half mile dodging walkers, small children, strollers and dogs.  Plus, it was so crowded!  Once it spread out a little, it was much easier to run and the course was completely flat, so I was able to get some real speed going.  But it was HOT- like 65 degrees in February HOT- and there was ZERO water on the course.  I have never, in all my life, run a race with no water.  That was not a good time.  By the last half mile I was really feeling parched and hot and over it.  I knew I was running pretty well though, and had a feeling I would come in before my goal time of 33 minutes, so I gunned it to the finish line and hit the mat at 31:24!  I was initially frustrated, because I do think there is a solid chance I could have run under 30 minutes, which would have been amazing, but given the circumstances (variables I couldn’t control) I ran the best race I could have run.


Post-Race: I hung out for a little bit because they had a fantastic array of post race snacks.  As I headed to sit down alone, I saw an RD I used to lifeguard for and his wife (both also in my running club) so I hung out with them for a little while.  The post-race was fun- they had a bunch of Disney Prinecesses, Minions, and Mummers playing lots of music!  Overall, it was a really great day for a great cause!

Next Up: Adrenaline 5k


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  1. Congrats on meeting your time goal AND your monthly race goal! It is kind of surprising they didn’t have water at the halfway stop or something! Totally NOT surprising that walkers started at the front though, unfortunately 😦

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