Week In Review: February 4-10

Saturday: Five miles on the treadmill. Ran inside so that I could wear my new tank top!

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Sunday: Planned rest day.

Monday: Ran 2 miles.  Really wanted to run outside, but I needed to get in a lift session so I took it to the gym.

Tuesday: Swam 2400 meters- mixed it up with kick board, buoy, sprints and strokes.

Wednesday: Planned rest day.

Thursday: We had a snow day, so I was able to get in a lifting session, a short 3 mile run and a quick 1200 swim!

Friday: Cross-Training-  Middle School ski trip 🙂

Weekly High: Snow day meant getting extra sleep, extra gym time and a day off work 🙂

Weekly Low: My shin splints flared a little this week and I could feel it in my whole posterior. I am taping my arches and resting/icing when necessary.  Really hoping it just needs some TLC because I cannot deal with an injury.

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Snow day (even if I hate snow!)
  2. 2400 meters is my longest swim since getting back in the water.
  3. No injuries on the ski trip!!!

Quote of the week: 

It’s all about semantics sometimes!  There are definitely days I don’t want to work out- too tired, too cold or too busy- but I have started trying to find different ways to look at it.  Or, as I recently heard someone say, “Find a different way to shoot the jumper.”


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