Week In Review: January 28- February 3

Saturday: Planned rest day.

Sunday: 2 mile Chili Run- first race of the year and I KILLED IT!  See race recap here.

Monday: Planned rest day.  Thankfully, because I was exhausted.  Went to bed at 8pm!

Tuesday: Swam 1800 meters.  The first 1000 pretty much sucked; I could not get into a rhythm and on my first timed 400, I forgot to start my watch.  I kinda wanted to throw in the towel, but I stuck it out.  I was pretty happy with my timed 400’s, especially since I felt off for the most part.

Wednesday: 4 mile group Run with my 856 tribe!  This run is becoming a weekly litmus test and I like it!  I have been running with my friend Amanda and we really push each other.  The loop is a little under 4 miles, but I run a little extra to get to the 4 total.

Thursday: Swam 2000 meters.  Did a fun workout of timed 400’s, 200’s, 100’s and 50’s.

Friday: Planned rest day.  Chaperoned the dance…that is a whole different kind of workout, trust me!

Weekly High: Definitely the Chili Run.  Feeling very confident after that race!

Weekly Low: Pure exhaustion.  Really had to push through to get to Friday night!

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Happy Hour!
  2. Accountability of this blog- I might have bagged my swim mid-way but then I would have to admit it!
  3. Weekends!  It’s been a long week!

Quote of the week: 

Discipline is really what it is all about; it is not easy, but it has to get done.  Really proud of myself in the month of January and it’s giving me the push to get off to a good start in February!

What was the best part of your week?


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