Chili Run Race Report

One of my goals for 2017 was to do at least one race per month.  My hashtag for the year is #nooffseason, and I know from past experiences that if I have a race to work towards, I am much more likely to keep up my training.  I checked off the month of January with the Chili Run.  The Chili Run is a local run, the race director is part of my 856 running team and we had a great showing at the event.  It is a 2 mile run, all hills, that of course ends with a bowl of chili!


Pre-Race: The race started at 10am but I got there bright and early since I was doing race day bib pick up.  This race was pretty pricey but I did get a chili crock and a pint glass (plus chili and beer at the end) which is some of best race swag I’ve ever received.


Race:  It was a COLD start but I took off and felt great right from the go.  As I hit the turn around at mile 1, I realized I was about 40 seconds ahead of my anticipated pace.  I was shocked!  My training has been so consistent and I have been feeling great,  but I don’t get a lot of hill work, so I really wasn’t expecting to do so well.  I had told myself not to go out to fast and when I saw my time, I was a little concerned, but I actually felt like I still had a lot left in the tank; since it was only another mile, I thought to myself “push, push push” and just hauled to the finish.   As I approached the finish line, I could see the clock.  I saw that the time was 19:51 and was hell bent on crossing before 20!  Came through at 19:57!

Post-Race:  I was pretty ecstatic in the moments after I crossed the finish line.  I thought for sure my time would be closer to 21-22 minutes.  To come in under 20 minutes for my first race of the season has given me the confidence I need to keep pushing myself.  Coming back from injury has been frustrating at times, and this really reminded me that I am doing the right thing by being patient and trusting the process of my recovery.


Finish line pic, and perhaps one of my best race photos of all time!

Post-Post Race: This was one of those races that has an after party (big motivation for me to sign up!) so afterwards we stayed for some chili and beer.  A ton of people in my group won overall and age group awards and we won for largest team.  It was an overall great day and an awesome way to start the 2017 racing season!

Next up: Sea Isle 5k in February


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  1. This is a really neat event! (And look at that swag!) That’s awesome you came in so fast! What a great start to the season! 🙂

  2. I love this race picture (although to be honest my favorite is the Baltimore Half finish line picture!)

  3. chasingthekenyans

    Woo hoo! Great job! I love the #nooffseason. Except I missed January. Haha. I’m bad about actually signing up for races – I realize I do like 5 a year, max.

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