Week In Review: January 21-27

Saturday: 2.8 tempo run on the treadmill.

Sunday: Planned rest day

Monday: My usual Monday group run was cancelled due to bad weather.  I didn’t want to be out, so it was two rest days in a row for me.

Tuesday: 1600 meter swim; alternating kick board with pull buoy.

Wednesday: My friend and I started a “no one finishes alone” group run- 3.8 miles but then added a few to go back and pick up the back. The total was a little over 5 and it was a great night!

Thursday: Swam 2,000 meters.  Planned on 1,600 but was feeling good so kept going.  Broke it into 300’s with 100 pull buoys in between.

Friday: 5k on the treadmill.

Weekly High: Feeling so good about my swimming!

Weekly Low: Missing a Monday.

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Running with friends- it is making such a difference for me!
  2. Work friends, for keeping me sane during the day!
  3. It is getting lighter out now on my commute in…soon it’ll be light when I leave!

Quote of the week: 

Image result for motivational fitness quotes


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  1. I love that quote at the end! I am always careful about saying I didn’t make time for something than I didn’t HAVE time. It just wasn’t a priority!

    Do you have any suggestions for finding info on training with kick boards and pull buoys? I read something online that said all straight swimming (which is what I do) without drills is bad for you! But I don’t have a coach to ask for help!

    • I definitely agree that it is good to switch it up. I use the kick board to work on breathing, as well as leg work, obviously 🙂 The US Masters swimming page has tons of great articles, and is a good place to start. I like the pull buoy for arm work, but generally rely on it for days when I swim after a hard run. Just gives my legs a little break, while I can still get a good swim in.

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