Week In Review: January 7-13

Saturday: Ran 2 miles.  They WAY underplayed the snowstorm here (do they ever get it right?) so my choices were run in the snow or miss.  Missing was not an option, especially since it was one year since my car accident.  It was about half of what I planned, but I was still proud of myself for getting out there!

Sunday: Said snow was now ice.  No bueno for me and driving, so I had to miss my planned swim.

Monday: Ran just under 3 miles with my HRC group run.  I love this group and this run!  We usually do a 5k but this week we had to cut it a bit short due to icy roads.  It wasn’t the coldest run ever (that belongs to Philly 2008) but it was pretty bitter.  Luckily, I sweat like a dude, so I get warmed up fast!

Tuesday: Swam 1400 meters.  Finally back in the pool! 200 warm up, 5 x 150 free with 50 kicks and 200 cool down.

Wednesday: Planned rest day

Thursday: 2.8 mile tempo run.  Ummm…last weekend it snowed. This weekend it is going to snow.  But today…today was 67 degrees!!  I wore a tank top 🙂  (But yeah, no such thing as Global Warming. No, definitely not.)

Friday: Swam 1200 meters. 100 warm up, 5 x 200 free,  2 x 50 sprints.  I was so tired, so pretty impressed I still made it to the gym!  We had our annual community service day with rollerskating in the afternoon, so I got in a workout there, too!

Weekly High: Do you even have to ask…65 degrees!!!

Weekly Low: Do you even have to ask?  7 inches of snow!

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Nice weather in the middle of a long winter.
  2. Our annual Community Service weekend was a success!
  3. Group runs that keep me accountable.

Quote of the week: 

It is so hard in cold weather, but I keep telling myself this:


I used to write my reviews Monday-Sunday. Now, I am doing Saturday-Friday.  Even though Monday feels more like a start, Friday just feels more like an “end” to me.  How do you determine your week?


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