2017 Fitness Goals

I suppose it would be best for me to get this post done before the first month of the year is behind us.  To me, goals are different than resolutions.  It took me a while to come up with mine for the year.  I have trouble at times with keeping up with the Jones’ so to speak. When I hear other peoples goals, I tend to want to push harder and sometimes my goals are unrealistic.  I also struggle with my indecisiveness, even with goal setting!  I do not want to underestimate myself, but at the same time, I do not want to overestimate either.

After much thought, I came up with the following three for the year:

1- Stay injury free: I mean duh, right?  Isn’t that everyone’s goal?  Except, I don’t just mean to not get hurt.  In my past, there have been both unavoidable and avoidable injuries.  There was honestly nothing I could have done about my broken foot, or my car accident.  But when it comes to my IT band and my shin splints, I know there is more I can do to be preventative.  Additionally, since my car accident, I have had to deal with a lot of tightness in my back, so daily stretching is even more important than ever.  So while I know there are no guarantees, my goal is to take care of myself in such a way that I reduce my chances of getting injured.

2- Complete one race every month for the year: Having a race planned, makes training easier.  For example, twice last week I ran, when I would have normally bailed.  One day it as snowing and on the other day, it was 22 degrees and I ran outside!  I am accountable to staying on schedule for my training and if I didn’t have races to look forward to, excuses would come easier. So far, I have races planned for January, February, March, April, May, June, Oct & Nov.  Pretty good if you ask me 🙂  Distance doesn’t matter, just looking to compete against myself at least once a month!

3- Complete two half-marathons:  The last time I ran 13.1 was November of 2014.  It was ugly.  I was unprepared and uninspired.  It was not a fun time.  It was when I finally admitted that I was truly burned out and had to take a nice long break from racing.  My next race was just this past October, almost a full two years later.  Now, I am ready to conquer the 13.1 again!  I’ll be running the Wildwood half in May and I am planning another for the fall, although I haven’t determined which one yet.

In addition to the three main goals, I really do what to focus on strength training and I also want to get back into spinning.  Lastly, I want to continue doing well with my sugar in-take and get on a better sleep scheduled.  Doing both of those things will certainly reflect back into my fitness!

What are your fitness goals?  Do you set goals by the year, or do you break them down?


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