The Comeback

2016 has been quite the year!

After a few years of rebounding, both mentally and physically, I was ready to start the year by getting back to racing again.  I had spend 2015 working out for fun and ended that year by ramping up my running. For the first time in a long time, I was feeling good.  I was ready to focus on shedding the weight I had gained and getting back on a training schedule.

Then, only one week into the new year, I was in a major car accident. It really brought me down.  I was injured pretty badly and could not work out at all.  In a matter of weeks, I put on even more weight and started to fall back into a depression.  It would have been really easy to spiral out of control, but luckily I had a great PT, a runner herself, and she really helped me positively recover.  It was a very slow recovery, but by May, I was back in the gym and by June I was running again.  It was a very tough and very frustrating couple of weeks.  I wanted to stop multiple times.  I hated starting over.  I was finding it hard to self-motivate and keep my head up.

Then, I had an idea. I reminded myself daily what it felt like when I was first starting- when it felt impossible the first time.  I reminded myself how great it felt each time I reached a new goal; what it felt like the first time I ran a whole mile…and then a 5k..and then 10 miles, a half-marathon and gasp! a FULL-marathon!  It all started somewhere.  I hadn’t been so determined in years! I went back to my roots and started thinking about how it was when I very first started running.  I went back and ready my first blog, and the answers were all right there.  Join a club, write up a training schedule and sign up for a race!

Just like when I joined Teach Triumph way back in 2008 looking for triathlon support, I joined a local running club to keep myself motivated and accountable.  I began running with this group each week.  I wrote up a schedule and started training for an October 10 miler.  I ran, and finished that race. I followed it up with a 10k run a few weeks later.  Both of my races were far slower than I am used to, but it wasn’t about that for me.  It was about so much more.  Mostly proving to myself that I could still do this, and that I was on my way back!

It was not the comeback I had once planned, but it was a comeback!

I am looking forward to what 2017 brings.  Happy New Year, indeed!


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  1. chasingthekenyans

    Injuries (or in this case the accident) are so hard to bounce back from, especially mentally. Sounds like you overcame it the right way and look where you are now! Running in the snow – yay snow … when do we move to south Florida???

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