New Food Friday- June 27, 2014

New Food Friday is a weekly post that coincides with one of the items on my bucket list; that is, to try one new food or recipe a week for a whole year.

Let me tell you a story:

When I was little, I had a babysitter, Aunt Phyllis.  She was an older woman (she seemed really old to me then, but I know now she was much younger than I ever thought!) and I loved being at her house.  Even if all the memories aren’t exactly as I remember, what I DO remember is how much she loved us.  She insisted we not just sit around and that while we were under her care we would learn something.  She taught us all how to knit, there was mandatory piano practice and for the kids who didn’t know how to swim (I have been swimming since I was a baby), they certainly knew how by the end of summer!  She had her entire sun room set up as a nintendo (the original- I am aging myself!) room, complete with over 100 games AND the power pad!  She would take us to the park, let us play in her RV (pretty sure never took it anywhere, just parked it in her driveway for us to play in) and we spent many afternoons swimming.

I loved it at Aunt Phyllis’s.  She was caring, kind, loving and made sure we were all well taken care of each day.  I loved everything about it there.

Except for one thing.  A pretty big thing.

Aunt Phyllis and I didn’t often agree on food.

Basically as a child, I lived off of mustard and cheese sandwiches, spaghetti,  kraft mac & cheese and pizza.  I also had a thing for fruit roll-ups.  To say I was a picky eater would be a major understatement.  I did not make it easy on Aunt Phyllis.  But she wouldn’t back down.  If you didn’t eat her food then you simply sat at the table.  All day.  Most of the time I sucked it up and ate the food.  I could only hold out so long and usually I was alone.  There were only two foods I held my ground on.  Cheese Hot Dogs and Tuna Fish.

Okay first of all….WHO PUT CHEESE IN A HOT DOG????  No. Stop. Gross.  Second, I already didn’t like tuna or mayo.  Um, pretty much the tuna-fish recipe.  I hated the smell so much, I couldn’t even bear the taste.  I would sit all day.  No chance.

Until one day, when Aunt Phyllis simply had enough.  She was fighting with a child over tuna-fish and she wasn’t dealing with it anymore.  She came right over to me, and stuck the biggest spoonful of tuna in my mouth and made me eat it.  Now, I could be exaggerating, it might have been as small as a teaspoon.  But in my head it might as well have been a dump truck of tuna and I feel like it took me HOURS to swallow.  It was the WORST thing I ever tasted.  But I knew that if I even dared to spit it out, I would just get another heaping disgusting spoonful.  So eventually, I ate it.  I didn’t die or even throw up.  But it scarred me for life.  I never ate tuna again.  Of any kind. Ever.

Until tonight.

I have been looking for different dinner options and on almost every single recipe page, I see tuna burgers.

Now, I am in no way ready to face the fear of eating tuna out of a can with mayo.  No way.  You heard me…scarred for life.

However, I found tuna burgers at Whole Foods and figured why not.


I baked mine in the oven, topped it with some spinach and onion and then made a sauce to go with it.



I totally winged it with the sauce.  After googling “can you mix Greek yogurt with hot sauce” I decided to give it a try.  I also added a little ketchup for sweetness.   I was actually expecting it to taste really funny, but you know what?  It was good.  Like, really good.  I mean, it was no ranch dressing.  Let’s not get crazy.  In the future, I would make this sauce again…but when it comes down to it, hot sauce is a million times better with ranch dressing.  Fact of life.

As for the tuna burger…well, it wasn’t the best thing I ever ate.  Right away the smell brought me back to sitting in that kitchen with the spoon in front of my face.  But I really wanted to give it a try and I really wanted to like it.  Honestly though, I think the only reason I liked it was because the sauce was so good.  This is one of those foods where I’ll finish the other ones in the box, but it’s not something I would buy again.  I am glad I gave it a try and now I know it’s genuinely something I don’t really care for; that or I really was scarred for life!!

Here is the recipe for the sauce:

1tsp of Franks Red Hot Sauce

1tsp of Greek Yogurt

1/2tsp of ketchup

Nutritional stats:
Calories- 23
Fat- 0, Sugar- 2.1g, Carbs- 2.1mg, Protien- 2.9g, Fiber-0, Sodium- 52mg
Please Note: Nutritional information estimated based on brands I use and/or calculations using and  Data may not be completely accurate and yours may differ.  You should not refer to this data as being exact but as a figure.  I do not take responsibility for the inadequacies of the nutrition calculator used. This data is provided for general reference only.


It couldn’t have been easier to make the sauce (I mean unless the containers opened and poured themselves) and it uses so little but adds so much!


Are there any foods from your childhood that you still avoid as an adult?


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  1. Just to clarify… you were not such a picky eater at home – just with Aunt Phylis…!

  2. Oh wow. Isn’t it amazing how as kids we were often “forced” to eat certain things?? I have a (still picky to this day) bro who often ended up sitting in the kitchen with the lights out, only the stove light on–do we even have stove lights anymore?? because he wouldn’t eat whatever.
    My youngest daughter went to an enrichment program after her half day in kinder and the kids HAD to eat the lunch that was served. Seemed weird to me but nobody died.
    Glad you liked the tuna burgers!

  3. When I was younger I hated beans. My mom would make chili and I would just sit and stare at it for hours until she would finally let me get up… but only if I didn’t ask for any snacks or desert… I just wasn’t allowed to eat if I didn’t want the chili. She finally realized that I hated it and would make me a bowl without beans that I would eat just fine. Now I eat beans regularly with no issues. I even like beans.
    I used to not want to eat tuna from a can (I didn’t grow up with fresh fish so this was the only way I had ever seen it) because of the smell but nobody forced me to eat it so I am ok with it.

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