Clean Eating Challenge; Days 8-10

This is really starting to feel like a lifestyle.  It still takes tons of thought and planning and still feels like work, but clean eating is hard work.

The past three days were good ones.

Day 8-

  • Pretty typical day.  Ate a lot of leftovers from the weekend and started making use of my new containers.  These are definitely going to make a huge difference!  I have so many bags of loose food on my shelf; now slowly I am putting them all in these containers.  It alleviates space on my counter and in my cabinet.  Double win.
  • I also did a lot of research on where to find the best buys at the stores I like to shop.    Specifically, Trader Joe’s, Aldi’s and Costco.   I live within 10 minutes of every grocery store I would ever need (Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Wegmans, Aldi and Costco) and I don’t mind store jumping to save myself money.  I always shop with a list but now I am armed with a very specific list of what to get at each store.  I like grocery shopping (is that weird?)  and now I am even more excited.  Ok, it is weird!
  • About meal planning.  I suck at it!  Like, a lot.  I really am trying, but it is just too hard for me to plan what I am going to eat 5 days in advance. Not for breakfast because that is almost always a smoothie but for lunch and dinner, I really struggle top plan.  Right now, I am planning two days at a time.

Day 9-

  • Took the day off to hit the beach with my mom.  (But not before heading to the gym first!)
  • My mom is also trying to get back on track, and it’s great because we can talk about it and bounce ideas off each other.  And because we both wanted to pack healthy snacks instead of planning to buy snacks on the beach when he got there.   We did hit up lunch and both had two really awesome chicken dishes.  I had a roasted red pepper with mozzarella and grilled chicken wrap.  I only ate like a 1/4 of the wrap which was plenty enough.  It had a little too much of the olive oil pesto, so I would definitely get that on the side next time.
  • It was the PERFECT beach day!  PERFECT!


I love love love summer!!!!

Day 10-

  • Normal day at work.  Except that at lunch, they were giving out FREE toasted almond crunch ice cream bars.  Are you kidding me???  I pretty much had to leave the table!  I cannot tell you how much I wanted that ice cream.  I was really proud of myself for turning it down.
  • At night, my dad and I took my mom out to dinner.  We went to the restaurant where I worked for three years; I left on good terms and they have excellent food.  I made the decision to have dessert.  You know why?  Because I can.  And because cheesecake is my favorite!  I didn’t eat the whole thing, although it would not have been hard too!
  • The one slip up I didn’t think of, was that I ordered coffee with dessert.  I have been doing amazing with cutting back on coffee.  It has been so much easier than I ever imagined it would be.  It’s still a bit of a struggle in the afternoon, but otherwise, it has been fine.  I am used to ordering a cup with dessert and this was my first nice dinner out since starting my cut back.  Unconsciously, I ordered it and drank it.  Sometime around 11pm when I was wired and off the walls, I realized.  After only a few weeks, coffee has an entirely different effect on me!  I used to be able to drink a cup at 8pm and go to bed at 9pm.  I had a cup at 6pm and was still wide awake at midnight.  Insane.  And plenty enough reason for me to keep it to one cup a day.



Energy Level:  Improving every day.  Even today, after a night without much sleep, I feel more energized than usual.

Hunger Level:  I never feel hungry.  I am trying to eat every 2-3 hours; sometimes I’m not hungry but know I do need to eat, however sometimes I really don’t want anything and I am not going to force myself either.  I feel like I am really figuring out which foods to feed my body and at which times.  It’s definitely working.

Overall:  I feel good.  I know I could be doing better.  I could skip the single square of dark chocolate or the whole wrap or the cheesecake.  But that is living.  I feel like as long as I am doing well 90% of the time and really trying to be better, than I am on the right track.  The only time I get upset is when I unconsciously eat.  Right now, I am super aware, but it takes energy to stay focused and when I lose focus, I  unconsciously eat.  I definitely have to keep working on that issue.  Overall though, I feel good.  Clothes are starting to fit better, I am noticing small differences and I feel better!


What is your guilty pleasure dessert?  The one thing you just can’t say no to?


❤ Jillian


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  1. sweetaddictionz

    I love grocery shopping too!! I love looking through all the health food and I get very excited when I find a clean food xD

  2. yay for clean eating!! I have so much more energy when I stick to it too! My guilty pleasure dessert: everything. UGH!

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