Clean Eating Challenge

I know the term “clean eating” is highly debatable.  Some feel like it is just they way we should be eating, without a label.  Others think of it as just another diet.  And a few don’t even care.  I definitely do not see it as a diet, which is exactly what led me to this path.  I definitely DO see it as the way I should be eating.  But it is hard.  IT IS HARD!  While I certainly hope this will be how I naturally live my life, any change takes time.  And sometimes you just need to shock your system a little!  The “challenge” part of the whole thing is to be absolutely as clean as possible for two weeks.    This means starting my day with lemon water and a smoothie, eating lots of vegetables, drinking a ton of water, eating whole-grains, lean meats and fish and healthy fats throughout the day and ending with a cup of green tea.  It also means nothing processed, no refined foods, no artificial ingredients, no alcohol and no coffee. Overall, I am healthier than the average person, but I still have a lot of work to do when it comes to be nutritionally well-rounded.  I think this will serve as the perfect jump-start to an overall healthier diet.  And in this context, diet just means the way I eat.

Like how I live most of my life, I researched my brains out for two months and determined  a total detox or juice cleanse was out.  Please, I want to be healthy, but I don’t want to lie to myself.  I am not going to not eat.  I would be setting myself up for failure on a full detox or juice cleanse.  I need to chew…I need to eat.  I love food!  Plus, that shit is expensive!!!  I want something that will challenge me, but that is realistic for my life and my expectations.  That is exactly why “clean eating” works for me.  Or will work for me.   At least I hope, haha!  I am not going into this to lose a bunch of weight (although, dropping a few pounds would be a nice bonus) but I would definitely like to get lean and toned.  What is that saying?  Oh yeah, “abs are made in the gym but revealed in the kitchen.”   I want to change how I eat the majority of the time and I would like to change what my body craves.   I also want to find new foods and recipes and healthier versions of foods I already eat.  And perhaps most importantly, I want to learn some portion control when it comes to food.

After the initial two weeks, I hope to be able to stick with this plan at least 80-90% of the time.  The other 10-20%?  Well, I have a life and I plan to keep living it!  Ideally, these two weeks will put me on the right track and help me to eliminate some foods for good, but I fully plan to be flexible at times, so that I can enjoy life.

Now…let’s talk about the coffee.   I am allowing myself to have 12 ounces of coffee a day.  Listen up crazy cleansers who say I can’t have my coffee.  I can.  I drink my coffee black and even though most advise against it, I am siding with the ones who say it’s okay.  Because if I don’t, I can’t function.  Trust me, going from my usual 36 ounces a day to 12 ounces is going to be change enough.  Changing the way I eat is going to be hard enough.  Not having a beer with friends, will be hard.  Not digging into the nachos will be hard.  I don’t need intense headaches and lack of coffee rage to go along with it.  I can handle everything else, but the coffee stays.

I started making small changes and weaning myself off certain foods about two weeks ago;  for the last two weeks, I have been starting most days with a smoothie for breakfast, have overall eaten pretty clean, limited my alcohol and started cutting down on my coffee, so I felt really ready to start this today!  Let’s do it!


Have you ever done a cleanse, detox or clean eating challenge?  How did you do?


Disclosure- (Apparently, I have to have one of these.  It’s my first disclosure, so bear with me.) Nobody is paying me or compensating me to being my own personal clean eating challenege (unfortunately, for me) and all opinions you will read throughout my  journey are my own.  Before starting a detox, cleanse or any nutritional program of your own, you should do your own research.  I am in no way licensed to give medical advice (although, neither are 90% of my Facebook friends, but they do it) and if you have questions specific to your own health, you should contact a doctor.


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  1. Good luck with the challenge! Sounds like a great, sensible one to me. I agree with you on coffee. I think there are far greater vices than 12 oz of black coffee.

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