Happy National Running Day!

run day 2014 2

Why do you run?

How will you celebrate today?

First up, I have 8th grade graduation.  The sun is out  and we are ready to go!  Afterwards, we have our Middle School Faculty celebration at a local restaurant.  Then, I plan to spend some time at the pool, and when day breaks, I will finally get to celebrate the day with a short run!  Remember, if you run…you are a runner 🙂

❤ Jillian


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  1. I plan to celebrate by not running… I set out for a run on Monday but walked most of it. Being 32 weeks pregnant makes running uncomfortable! I decided from here on out I’ll just be walking, swimming, and using the elliptical or arc trainer at the gym. I’ll get back to running at some point after this baby arrives.

  2. Happy NRD! Wait that looks like nerd. We’re not nerds are we?

  3. It was national running day, since I live in Europe, I don’t have to feel guilty for not running Wednesday. Instead I stayed in bed a little longer 🙂

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