Jillian Loves Summer Reading

Remember in school, somewhere near the end, you would receive your summer reading list?  Nerd Alert: I used to love that!  I would get so excited about new books (Okay…I won’t lie, there were definitely a few books I was not excited about, but for the most part!) and looked forward to having something to read on vacation.  My mom instilled in me a great love for reading starting when I was very young; that love led me to be an English Literature major and that love still exists today.

We are (finally!!!!) in the last week of school!  Tomorrow is the last full day and then it’s exams Friday, Monday and Tuesday, followed by 8th grade graduation on Wednesday.  Today, we handed out the summer reading lists. Each grade has a specific book to read but in addition to that, they have to pick two books off of a list.  The list is compiled from all the faculty members; we each pick a book to also read over summer and then in the fall we group together by book and talk about what we read.  It’s a fun way to connect with the students and they always like an assignment better when they have a choice to make in terms of what they pick.

I spend a lot of time researching the book I pick…but I never read it until summer.  While looking for my book, I found a bunch of other books to read as well.  I read all summer.  I like Young Adult, Biography, Autobiography, Fiction, Non-Fiction…honestly, I am pretty much open to anything.  I can go through a book every few days at the pool and even more when I am on vacation.  I cannot wait to relax by the pool with one of these books!  The hardest part is deciding which one to read first!

So far, I have a pretty good collection to get me started.



Do you have other book recommendations?


❤ Jillian


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  1. I think that is so cool your school does the list and the teachers participate and have discussions at the beginning of the new school year. I never had a reading list from my school, but loved to read as a kid. As an adult, I struggle to make the time (to busy reading damn digital stuff!).

  2. We didn’t have a summer reading list back in school but I wouldn’t need it because I love to read. Sometimes I read more than other times. At the moment I’m into thrillers, have discovered a Norwegian writer: Jo Nesbo. But my favorite writers at the moment are Karin Slaughter and Karen Rose, both have a new book that’s translated to Dutch and are already bought and waiting to be read.

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